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ANS will provide technical sales and marketing to companies looking to market their products in the Canadian Feed Industry. With over 2 decades experience in nutritional feed additives and our network of colleagues in many parts of the world, allows us to seek out these companies.

ANS is pleased to present these companies and will continue to strive to increase our representation for our customers.

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IMPEXTRACO believes that it is our responsibility to select and develop solutions that respond to today’s key feed issues. We strive for recognition as the experts in optimizing ingredients.

IMPEXTRACO’s dual focus on animal protection and feed performance, underscored by extensive R&D and distinctive branding, has resulted in our two Pillars of Excellence: the Power-Protexion® range and the Xtra-Performance ® range. Agri-Nutrient Solutions, through Feedworks USA works with Impextraco specifically on the Power-Protexion® range, Epsilon-5.

IMPEXTRACO has an established manufacturing know how and an effective distribution network. It is Impextraco’s belief that being selective in certain ingredient areas only, allows IMPEXTRACO to deliver superior cost-effective products, order flexibility and prompt delivery thorugh their Distributors. Agri-Nutrient Solutions  Ltd. is proud to represent Feedworks USA in Canada for their product Epsilon-5.

EVO-CAN is a yeast supplement for swine feed.

EVO-CAN is typically added at rate of 0.10% to 0.20% (1.0 - 2.0 kg/tonne) of the complete feed. EVO-CAN is ideal for situations where product is added at the mixer – usage rates vary depending on diet.
EVO-CAN is a specialty feed ingredient developed specifically to optimize sow and starter pig performance. EVO-CAN is purpose-built to meet the needs of pig producers, who are constantly on the quest for new methods of improving performance.

EVO-CAN Development

  •  Developed by scientists with over 110 years of experience
  • Over 7,800 pigs utilized in controlled, highly replicated research trial
  • EVO-CAN outperforms leading competitors in sow & starter feeds